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Ayurvedic Consultations



The aim of an Ayurvedic Consultation is to assess your health and wellbeing and work out the causes of any current imbalances or illness. Ayurveda calls your innate nature Prakruti. This represents the natural balance of elements that make up your body and mind and form the basis of all tissues and functions of the body. Your Prakruti is maintained by your metabolic power known as Agni and when Agni is not functioning optimally, then undigested material can behave like a toxin instead of a nutrient. This toxin is known as Aama. Our diet and lifestyle can heavily influence the strength of the Agni and one of the key jobs of a Practitioner is to assess the strength of the Agni and identify the causes of any imbalances.

A practitioner will want to identify the causes of the imbalances, clear aama from the system and strengthen the agni of all the relevant tissue groups. I use food, herbs, home remedies and treatments, yoga, mantra, meditation and other spiritual techniques to help heal my clients. I also use Astrology to help assess the energetic causes of the imbalance related to the birth chart.

At the end of a consultation, you will get a comprehensive treatment plan with suggestions on how to proceed. The treatment plan will:

Provide you with a Herbal prescription based on the Ayurvedic and Western herbal pharmacy.

You will also get a clear idea of what foods are good for you and what foods bring you into imbalance… and they are not always the obvious culprits!

You will get guidance on the kinds of activities you could pursue that will keep you healthy in body and mind.

You will get suggestions on how to achieve an even better degree of Wellness using Ayurvedic cleansing regimes.

Finally, you will be given some key practices of yoga, breathing and meditation that will address your specific needs.

Clinic Times and Locations


My face to face clinic is currently suspended as I am in the middle of a study period.

Day Time Cost Location
Wednesdays 2pm – 5pm £120 for initial 90 minute consultation. Follow ups: £70 for 1 hour. Kings Cross, London
Thursdays 3pm – 6pm £100 for initial 90 minute consultation. Follow ups: £65 for 1 hour Central Brighton

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