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Yoga Testimonials

I find Tarik's approach to yoga to truly support the essence of yoga. His teaching is well paced, gentle and adaptable. I always feel comfortable working with him as he understands that each individual must develop at the pace that is right for them - a true yogi!
Tarik taught me on a 6 month yoga foundation course, I found him to be a very welcoming and inspiring yoga teacher, who creates a calm and focussed atmosphere for his classes. He also introduced me to Ayurveda, which I am very thankful for, as it has opened up a whole new way of thinking for me, introducing me to concepts about my lifestyle and diet that effect the way I feel physically and mentally. Tarik is wise and informed, making him a very engaging teacher.
I have to say how much benefit I received from the beginners class a few years ago and noticed how in that short period of time my body posture and shape improved. I will definitely be returning for more classes... Take care and continue the good work.
I have come to know Tarik through a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course I attended. He was our principal teacher. It was a most enlightening and thought - provoking course with Tarik's knowledge and dedication going a long way in making the course such a successful one. Thank you Tarik.
Tarik is a very knowledgeable teacher, the thing I enjoyed most about his teaching is that he keeps yoga philosophy and spirituality at the forefront of his teaching yet makes it relevant to our lives today and teaches in a very approachable and accessible way. Tarik's classes stretched my mind just as much as my body!
After a yoga session in the Bounds Green Tennis club I feel de-stressed and surprisingly energetic, with a element of inner calm. Which can't be said of most after work activities!
Tarik's extensive knowledge helped me learn about various elements of Yoga in a forum where I could ask challenging questions and receive an answer. His classes are safe yet challenging, varied and uplifting - I could definitely see and feel a development in my practise.
Tarik's BWY foundation course was inspirational and very educational. Tarik's knowledge of yoga is extensive and his passion really shines through. I loved the fact that he lives his yoga, it encourages me to do the same. If you are looking for a course that brings yoga to life, practically, physically and philosophically this is the course for you.
I have enjoyed both the beginners class and the regular class. All explanations are very clear and thorough which helps to understand the purpose for doing the sequences. The pace is good and controlled. I certainly notice when I don't come to a class for a while so I must be benefiting!
As a former conventional gym workout devotee, I have found yoga to be so much better. The classes themselves are great because of Tarik's approach: friendly, patient and reassuring. Somehow you don't feel like you are working even though you are. You really are! (I have the stomach muscles to prove it). After five beginner classes I have felt the cardiovasucar benefits, seen increased flexibilty and as a result of Tarik's handouts from the classes - I can now practice yoga everyday - and from home too! I feel like a true YOGI. Yoga pratice is something I will definately be keeping up. Thank you Tarik.
I would strongly encourage beginners of any age to join one of your yoga classes. I have greatly enjoyed the sessions, inspite of not being the most supple of people. I find it challenging at times but I am slowly improving with each session. You are a patient and engaging teacher.
I have tried various yoga teachers in the past and Tarik is by far the best. You get the impression that yoga and its philosophy is a way of life for Tarik. Whatever your ability you will feel comfortable and at home in his classes. In every class he manages to introduce a new aspect and awareness of yoga. I always look forward to the classes and feel relaxed and refreshed when I leave.
Tarik is an excellent yoga instructor with a lot of patience to explain every posture and he always make me feel welcome in his classes. His classes are very relaxing. I always enjoy every second of his classes and I recommend 100%!
Taking up yoga with Tarik helped my mobility generally. The stretching particularly eased an old cricketing injury in my calf muscles, and together with dieting and weekly yoga sessions, I lost over two stone in weight.
Tarik runs a wonderful yoga class which is enjoyable as well as healing and strengthening. There is a friendly atmosphere and the pace suits people of all levels and abilities. No one is made to feel conspicuous. Tarik focuses on a different theme each week to be mindful of as you go through the poses. Gradually you can feel your body getting stronger and find yourself doing things you thought you could not do! I had intermittent back pain which has not occurred since being in Tarik's yoga class. Also some arthritis in my knees has been hugely helped. I could go on!

Ayurveda Testimonials

I have been a patient of Tarik's Ayurvedic Practice for several years and also attended one of his yoga course. I have been most impressed by Tarik's diagnostic skills, breadth of treatment repertoires and flexible approach to the health challenges his patients encounter in their daily lives. This is all coupled with a sensitive, empathic approach that emphasises the importance of the healing relationship. Tarik is constantly updating his clinical knowledge and skills to offer treatments that best meet his patients unique needs. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.
I would like to say your Ayurveda yoga treatments have helped to change my life. The diet has ensured my health problems are being managed effectively without the need for drugs and the detox has ensured my energy levels are returning.
I did Tarik's Ayurvedic detox and I have to say after finishing it it is the best I have felt and looked in years, I would highly recommend it if you want to live a longer healthier and happier life.
Where I was at a complete loss of how to reclaim healthy digestion Tarik's genuine interest and experience took over. I'd heard of Ayurveda and once been very disappointed but my guts forced me back. Before I'd been juggling prescribed steroids, antibiotics and lactulose for weeks, unsure why so much was wrong but feeling worse and losing weight each day. I'd become convinced nothing could be done but came to Tarik desperate to relieve a severe bout of IBS that had been restricting my life for years. I noticed immediate results from a very detailed treatment plan and 5 weeks on I'm amazed at how different I feel and still surprised as I learn what works for me and what I can do for myself. Tarik won't just look at you, pack you off with herbs and want to see you again - he'll teach you invaluable techniques to take away, want to keep constantly updated with your progress, email answers to your questions, come up with recipes and give you the moral support essential to get you back on track. Honestly, no matter what your complaint, book yourself a free 15min consultation and then look at your options.

Detox Programme Testimonials

Initially I was very nervous about doing the programme but I realize now these were false fears. I really enjoyed doing it and the benefits have been immense, not only physically but mentally. I discovered mental strengths that had been hidden… it has been a life changing experience.
Excellent! Wanted to feel healthier and more energetic and has surpassed all expectations!
Before even having started the treatment, I feel a great benefice from my appointment with Tarik. He blows very positive energy because he listens. His diagnostic skills are impressive as he is able to ``read deeply`` into a person. I'm confident his diet and well being advices will be as efficient as his approach. Thank you Tarik, I'm lucky to have met you and trust your treatment will help me to feel great.
Very good foundation course for an introduction to the principles of Ayurveda and detoxification.
Very interesting and definitely felt the effects of the herbs once the Kidney cleanse had begun. The Liver flush was a surprise but again I felt the effects afterwards were good. I d definitely repeat the programme myself. I though I had a good diet and habits but these have both changed a lot.

Thai Yoga Massage Testimonials

I really look forward to Tarik's Thai massages because they're such a powerful experience. They always leave my muscles stretched and deeply relaxed. It's a complete workout delivered by an incredibly sensitive and professional person.
I have been receiving Thai Yoga massages from Tarik for the past couple of years, on a regular basis. Tarik is gentle, intuitive and takes a holistic approach to his work. I would highly recommend Thai Yoga massage to anyone who wants a good all round gentle, but deep stretch; which leaves one feeling very relaxed from the experience.