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Ayurveda Online Video 2: Ayurveda and Right Eating

Yoga Well / Ayurveda Online Video 2: Ayurveda and Right Eating

Food advice is everywhere. There have never been as many opinions on how to eat and what to eat as there is now. In this inspiring talk, Tarik takes us through the key principles of diet from an Ayurvedic perspective and why he believes that nature generally knows best. He will share his top tips for maintaining health and wellbeing through diet and the pitfalls of modern living.

We hope you enjoyed the video.

Now get a piece of paper, write down your five favourite foods and assess them against the following criteria. Do you…

Eat fresh?

Eat whole?

Eat seasonally?

Eat food you have prepared yourself?

Eat a variety of tastes and textures in every meal?

Eat mainly cooked food?

Eat in a timely manner?

Just eat (no other activities or distractions)?

Please email us your comments or add your comments to the section below the video. We promise to respond to every single one!


In the next video, Dr Karelse will be talking about the importance of community and how we can achieve more as a community rather than always trying to go it alone.


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