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Ayurveda in Action Video 3: The Importance of Action in Community

Yoga Well / Ayurveda in Action Video 3: The Importance of Action in Community

An inspiring introduction to the world of Yoga and Ayurveda by Dr Cathy Mae Karesle and how it can strengthen the health of you and your community.

Cathy discusses the concept of Yoga or Union as relationship How union creates something greater than the sum of its parts

The concept of ‘Feedback loops’ as a way of growing through relationship

The power of Kindness as Love in Action How our actions create the communities we experience

The impact of our community on our environment

How to create inclusive communities

At the end of the video, she asks: 1. In what ways are you building community? 2. What freedoms do you long for? Please email us your comments and questions or add comments underneath the video. We promise to respond to every single one.

In our final video, Tarik will be talking about the Ayurveda in Action project and our exciting programme Ayurveda Online which launches very soon.

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