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Astrology and our Limited Perspective

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Astrology and our Limited Perspective

Astrology has much to teach us about the Law of Correspondances.

Astrology is profound. It presents a model of the cosmos that goes beyond anything modern science can offer. Traditional Astrology follows the ancient Greek maxim, “As above, so below”. In other words, the Law of Correspondances. The interaction and interrelationship between the planets in our solar system symbolically correspond to world events and our personal lives.

Dennis Elwell, the great modern day Astrologer describes life as a “Holon”. Every aspect of ones life is in some way, reflected in ones Astrological chart. The mechanics of how Astrology works is beyond the scope of this book. However the philosophical implications of Astrology are important.


Traditional Astrologers used quite simplistic psychological models to work with clients. Let me give you some examples:

A challenging aspect between the Moon and Saturn would be expressed as:

“Difficulties with you Mother”

“A strict mother”

“A depressed mother”


My long experience however has demonstrated that this is not a consistent truth. There is no doubt that for many, there is some truth in the presenting statements but not always. A Moon/ Saturn aspect could also mean:

“Mother as teacher”

“Organised Mother”

Hard working Mother”

“High achieving Mother”


Some would say that both sets of statements are true. Where the light of an organised mother shines, it casts the shadow of a depressed and difficult mother too.


We all move between three universal states:

Tamas- a vibratory perspective that creates a feeling of negativity and inertia.

Rajas- a vibratory perspective that creates dynamism and movement.

Sattva- a vibratory perspective that creates balance and harmony.


Reinforcing limited correspondances as a finite state, I believe, is not at all helpful. We have acquired the skills and knowledge to change the frequency of our experience should we really desire to do so. It is of course, important to acknowledge the starting point of any relationship and what experience is actually being lived out however, a higher expression of that relationship is always possible if the subconscious patterns are challenged. It takes effort and conviction to constantly rise above limited perceptions and beliefs about ones own life.


Here’s another example:

A Venus Pluto aspect could mean:

Betrayal in love

Painful relationships

Extreme attachment

Obsessive compulsive love

Abusive relationship


But on a higher vibratory level it could also be


Deep love

Transformative relationship

Intensely fulfilling and absorbing love

Cathartic sex

Life changing relationship


As before, one set does not exclude the other but the way experience is framed and what underpinning beliefs leave behind as psychological residue makes a lot of difference to ones life experience.


Pluto is powerful and many plutonic types run away from themselves because the stakes are high. This is all the more reason to look at how Pluto is manifesting and work on the beliefs and thoughts that are perpetuating undesirable outcomes. Running away from Pluto is not really an option. You can’t run away from who you are. You have to work it out. If you do try to run away, the thonic energy of Pluto will turn inwards and illness may occur. The powerful force of Pluto inverted can bring about deep anxiety, paranoia and a terror of life. Repressed Plutonic life force can easily pave the way for life threatening diseases. Doing nothing is not an option.


So what to do? One is trapped in a set of predetermined loops that have symbolic congruence but ones attitude to how life presents itself can be altered and developed. The monastic traditions of Yoga would propose withdrawal. The Chitta or Mind is subject to the 7 Laws so the many paths of Yoga serve to loosen ones attachment to the mental waves (vrittis) that cause pleasure and pain.

Tantric techniques focus on raising pranic levels that the mind/ body have access to so one is less dependant on external experiences for inner fulfilment.

Other meditation techniques help the mind to create “space” so that the experiences of the senses interacting with the sense objects is not so overwhelming and the phenomenon of manifestation can be observed  with detachment.

The non- dualist perspective is to become liberated from the sense of I which is the idea that we exist as individuals. In a state of liberation, that sense of I disappears. This realisation is perhaps the highest teaching of all but in the dualistic world that most of us live in where the individual is on some kind of journey, however illusory, does not negate the importance of working from where we are. One cannot act from a place of Oneness conceptually. It only leads to more confusion and suffering. We’ve got to live out the stories we are conditioned into. We are a bundle of archetypes living out multiple dreams. And why not? The more we live gusto and without fear, the more we are living a full expression of what we were created for. Life is trying to experience itself fully and we are That so why hold back? Astrology is a clear map of these archetypes.

Have a vision of the highest you can be and look at all the reasons why you aren’t where you imagine you want to be in all aspects of your life.

Do not allow fear to limit your life in ways that matter. You might have a fear of heights but have no interest in rock climbing or hand gliding. However, if you’ve always wanted to hand glide but have a fear of heights then that fear is limiting you and needs to be addressed.  Fear creates further contraction of energy and holds back life from finding full expression in you.


Bad Habits


The second important thing is not to allow bad habits to perpetuate dissatisfying life experience. Habits can make or break a person. You can train the mind to enjoy life affirming habits. Lots of people hate exercise but do it anyway. It is not negotiable. Lots of people are lazy eaters but lazy eating leads to a plethora of health problems like High Blood Pressure and Obesity. Healthy eating is non- negotiable. Lots of people have dissatisfying jobs and spend all their free time filling their minds with poor quality entertainment then wonder why they develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Positive mental attitude is not negotiable. Simply putting good habits in place can automatically improve the quality of life as a whole and create some optimistic perspectives within the holonof existence that we all live in.


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